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modern art!

modern art! Originally uploaded by mojo!. i had to get of new york city for new years. i had spent the last two in mexico and italy and i wanted to keep the trend going. spending new years in new york city is madness. especially when there is modern art all around us! even on ... Read More


with a REBEL YELL Originally uploaded by mojo!. this may be one of the best pics i have ever taken. i stopped over to see my friends jeff and emily. jeff needed a haircut, so emily started cutting. she cut, and cut, and continued to cut. although she didn't use a bowl, jeff was ... Read More

The Mini Alamo

The Mini Alamo Originally uploaded by mojo!. we went to montauk for new years '06. along the way through sag harbor, where we spent the night, i happened to drive by tony rosenthal's mini alamo. cute little bugger, though she wouldn't turn like her elder ... Read More

ooh the internet!

close up Originally uploaded by mojo!. a month back i got my little machine laser etched. lots of people seem to be doing it now: michael horan popularized it after chris cummings made it a possibility. and while most people are looking for that special statement that makes them ... Read More

blink dammit, blink

blink dammit, blink Originally uploaded by mojo!. in the fall i began exploring physical computing again. i started playing with arduino and here you see my 12" hard at work powering that LED. blink little LED, for it brings light to the ... Read More