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the one with me and the sky

mo Originally uploaded by mojo!. i took this one on the beach at montauk. spending new years at the beach watching the waves roll in was just the relaxation i needed. i took jeff, dee, seth, and shagun with me. after a night of partying in a hotel room in sag harbor, we managed ... Read More

modern art!

modern art! Originally uploaded by mojo!. i had to get of new york city for new years. i had spent the last two in mexico and italy and i wanted to keep the trend going. spending new years in new york city is madness. especially when there is modern art all around us! even on ... Read More


with a REBEL YELL Originally uploaded by mojo!. this may be one of the best pics i have ever taken. i stopped over to see my friends jeff and emily. jeff needed a haircut, so emily started cutting. she cut, and cut, and continued to cut. although she didn't use a bowl, jeff was ... Read More